Falco Peregrinus’ focus lies in boosting up startups and small medium enterprises by providing technology interventions in Product engineering and development, Brand Management, Human Resource Management, Workflow Automation and Process Outsourcing, Learning and Content and Project Management as a Service(PaaS). We provide you with in-house design capabilities giving you a complete clean-architectured technology solutions.

One may visualize our potentials in terms of the stability that we bring in our solutions. Our seldom motto is to help you flourish by catching hold of the root cause in one’s day to day life. Holding a keen insight built over an experience our belief lies in building up a space for each one of you and helping you grow by holding your hand all throughout the journey.

We, being a technology agnostic company, our USP lies in finding a key essential solution and unlocking all the doors of your everyday problems even the minutest of the minute. ‘Technology’ for us doesn’t occupy a space in just code snippets. For us, technology lies in every such thing that helps us serve your problem statement.




Utopian Sunrise was established way back in the year 2008, as a Consulting company that aspired to empower cooperative growth by providing inclusive solutions for various sectors to count from. Over the period of time we helped our clients in managing their inbound and outbound processes, process engineering and formulation, partner with clients in their learning pursuits, and maintain their content portals. This was solely possible due to the faith and belief our customers developed in us. Hope we served you with great zeal and valour fulfilling all your requirements.

Heading forward, we are re-establishing ourselves and ready to emerge as Falco Peregrinus Technologies Private Limited from the current year 2018. ‘Falco Peregrinus Technologies Private Limited’ derives its name from ‘Falcon Peregrinus’, a bird species which gives us an insight and relates us well to its characteristics stating our vision, mission and approach.

Having inherited our characteristics from them, our team possesses the zeal and enthusiasm to help people meet their everyday solution through our technology interventions. “Even Sky isn’t the limit”, having said this, we believe in exploring beyond the horizon at the same time not letting go off our wisdom by holding your hands in even minutest of your everyday solution requirements.


Our long run aspiration since Utopian Sunrise days i.e., to empower cooperative growth stills remains the seldom motive being proudly carried forward by Falco Peregrinus. We heartly welcome all the fellow organizations in order to collaborate for achieving the common goal of economic, social, and/or technological needs and aspiration.

Digital Transformation

  • Full life cycle software development from concept to deployment including maintenance.
  • Defining Enterprise Architectures and scalable systems both on in-premise and cloud hosted environments
  • Design, development and maintenance of Mobility Software & Systems
  • Business Process re-engineering to drive optimization through automation
  • Evolving algorithms to solve client specific problems using software systems
  • Data Analytics



Inheriting our characteristics from Falcons, Our approach lies in :

Identifying the Problems with utmost precision : We hold a keen insight of everyday technology issues and offer by far the best solutions built through experience.

Strategy building - We strategize our flight, dive into the problem statement or collect it from the ground level and work on every bit of it.

Attaining the solution with unmatchable speed - We work dedicatedly keeping our intent focus on one problem statement at a time, diving deeper and fetching out the pearl from the ocean in terms of stability.


Our seldom mission lies in providing our fellow mates with our clean-build technology solutions. Our aim is not only to provide complex solutions or promote only a particular technology but instead, to rectify even the smallest of the small issues/problems in people’s everyday life. We believe in all the technologies as each of them stands unique in its own way possessing the potential to solve one solution or the other. Our motive is to serve the everyday problems.

our value

We grow with our vision. We believe in flying high, holding our ground firm.

Project management

Leaded by a team of two dynamic directors, Falco Peregrinus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. looks forward in taking up the easiest of the easy as well as the extreme technological challenges encountered in everyday life under the guidance of the directors who bring in immense aesthetic and expertise with their over 20 years of industrial experience.

Talking about the directors, the specialization of one is into IT sector dealing with and carrying with him the expertise to look into all technological aspects whereas, the other director looks after the branding and marketing.

Falco Peregrinus is a team of well trained and highly experienced people carrying with them over 20+ years of hands on technical experience in software development and maintenance on projects for leading multinational corporations. They bring in immense professionalism in their work and help our clients to meet our end-to-end solutions. We as a team possess diverse skill base and expertise across domains.